IOPA Founder

Martin Kariongi Ole Sanago was born and raised in Maasai Steppes/plains of northern Tanzania and was born around the early 1960s as the exact dates of his birth is not really know because the Maasai parents of that time do not know how to read and write neither how to keep records and they were not aware of modern calender seasonality.

Martin was educated in a Catholic primary school and attended the Lutheran Seminary in his secondary educates as well as a government school in his high college. He took his first diploma in Development Studies in the Republic of Ireland in late eighties and did more studies in the UK and Germany. He has Master of Science in Community Economic Development and other various academic certificates.

Martin has travelled extensively in Europe, North America, the African continent and as far as to Australia in search of support and resources for development of the Maasai people of Tanzania. Again Martin learned a lot of experiences and knowledge in visiting other indigenous communities worldwide; like Red indians of Montreal Canada, the Aboriginal of Australia and hunters Gatherers of South Africa.

Martin worked a lot in establishing a number of NGOs and grassroots organizations among them; PINGOSs Forum, Inyuat -E-Moipo, Edoinyo -oo-Moruak & Mkulat Cultural Trust, UWAMA, Malambo Parish  Development association and Simanjiro Development and Conservation Trust.

Martin Also works tireless in establishing and pioneering social entrepreneurship and Community business ventures for purposes of Maasai people economic empowerment eg. ORMAME CO.LTD; ORMOTI-TUKKUTA CONSERVATION INVESTMENT CO.LTD; DOSI CO.LTD; ENERGY& WATER CO.LTD and other Community based business centres as you will  see in section of Social business.


•IOPA and Mr. Martin Kariongi has been awarded a number of Awards to recognize the performances and impacts at Community levels at different times of IOPA history this is not in any way to praise IOPA or Mr. Martin Kariongi but just to show how much we have achieved in this life time and history in working with and impacting Maasai Pastoral Communities in remote locations.
•May, 1995 –International Human Rights Award; Canadian Human Rights Foundation-Montreal, Canada: The Best indigenous peoples land Rights Program.
•August, 1998 -Land Rights for the Millennium Award; By the Australian Association of Indigenous Peoples; Canberra City- Australia.
•December, 2003 -Ashoka Fellowship Award, Kampala –Uganda; Innovators for the Public- Social- Economic empowerment of the Maasai Peoples through Social Entrepreneurship.
•May, 2005 -Media Institute of Southern Africa Award, Dar-es Salaam-Tanzania;  High Quality Investigative Journalism Award in remote Locations.
•June, 2006. -Ford Motors Award; New York City- USA. Quality World Wide Community Leadership in the Community /Society programme: Columbia University
•December, 2007 -National Environmental Award, Dar-es-Salaam; The Best Environmentalist of the year  in Simanjiro District in Manyara.

Martin Kariongi Ole Sanago began to dream of wanting to uplift his Maasai community and social -economic empowerment of his people since he was a teenager. Martin is working now full time  for the economic empowerment of the Maasai Pastoralists through Social business approaches through Civic driven Change and measuring performance in using Social Return on Investment among other impact and performance measurement tools.