Sustainable Pastoral Livelihoods Program

The Institute of orkonerei Pastoralist Advancement through its Sustainable livelihoods program focuses on empowering, uplifting and improving the life standards of pastoralist Maasai communities of northern Tanzania through social -economic empowerment, enhanced capacity of Self help Groups and community based organisations, improved water supply management to pastoralists, providing and bring closer veterinary and extension services to pastoral communities.

All these will be done in collaboration and in partnership with IOPA  Social businesses Companies and other development actors within the Institute operational areas who have similar goals and objectives to IOPA

Ilaramatak Lorkonerei through Sustainable livelihoods program targets the poor Maasai pastoralist communities of Simanjiro, Same and Loongiito  districts. It might not be able to mention exactly the number of people to be reached by the program. However, a number of 25,000 people estimated to be reached directly and over 50,000 indirectly by the program. Sustainable Livelihoods program of IOPA is addressing issues of;

  • Water  supply, development and Management.


  • Livestock Sector development, Production and Marketing


  • Community economic groups empowerment ( Producer groups, Associations and Cooperatives development.

Building and enhancing capacity of local people by providing training and conferences related to poverty alleviation and Social empowerment, social entrepreneurship and innovations.