Partners & Shareholding


Partners/Social Investors:


1. ICS. (Investing on Children and their Societies); Netherlands

Tanzania Office, MEC HOUSE FORTH FLOOR, Nairobi Road.P.O.Box 15039, Arusha Tanzania,

Tel, +255 736 210 942:

website: www.

2. Stichting Het Groene Woudt  Foundation, Netherlands. Postbus 592, 37oo AN Zeist.

Tel +31343536010; Fax; +31343536029


3. TMF. Tanzania Media Fund; Dar-es Salaam.


4. UNESCO; Dar es Salaam.


5. BBC-Action plan.


6. Ashoka East African/Global.

Concert House, First Floor, Wood Gardens, off wood Ave.

Kilimani area. P.O. Box 101590-00101; Tel/M +254 725879521

Nairobi, Kenya.






Energy &  Water  (EWC):

Water tanks for cattles

Water tanks for cattles

EWC Company deals with the production of water and ( Electricity using Bio-fuel -Jatropha generators) energy in three rural villages of Terrat, Naberera and Rotina and so far the Company has connected electricity to over 100 private homes, 3 schools 3 churches and Mosques, Milk processing Plants and the Community Radio  Station in Terrat village in Simanjiro district. The Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists Advancement owns 30% shares and SHGW Foundation owns 70%. the company and the Institute has drilled 15 boreholes and provides water to 9 villages for livestock and domestic uses on costs.




ORS Radio presenter

Orkonerei Mass Media is a Pastoralists Maasai Media house. The  company is owned 75% by the Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists, 12.5% by ICS and 12.5% by the SHGW Foundation, the Company  specifically deals with media and Community broadcasting issues in Maasai community on development issue, Cultural events, local business advertisements.  it has various programs to facilitate community needs and requirements through media.

This Company has three departments or section concentrating on media and Community Broadcasting to empower, educates and organizing Communities of Social, entrepreneurship and environmental aspects. these departments are as follows:-
1. TV/ Video progam – This sub-program makes  sure that social events, culture and local business and ventures  are  documented for educational purposes and for  future Maasai / Tanzanian generations.
2.Community  Radio Station – Maasai community now have their local radio station service that cater for heir specific development  needs, as well as for their cultural advancement and local economic development through social entrepreneurship.  ORS (Orkonerei Radio Service) broadcast part -time in Maasai languages that enable it to reach larger section of the Maasai people in the northern Tanzania.

3. Community Internet connectivity and Community library in Terrat, Orkesumet and Loongiito  Villages this department enable the Maasai youth and Adults to with the world around them and engage in learning and exposure to the world of globalization right there in their own set-up.

This Company receives its incomes through social investors, local income generation through its advertisements and selling of its air-time.



This Company is owned 60% shares by the Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists Advancement, 20% shares owned by the Simanjiro Development & Conservation Trust, 20% shares owned by DOSI  the purpose and objectives of this company is modern livestock keeping and production so as to improves the Maasai community  economically through accessing breeds of high quality which will enable them to crossbreeds with their local short African zebu. In return the Maasai people will have new breeds which will have more milk and meat that will give them higher prices in the markets.

The ORMOTI also provide veternary services to pastoralists Maasai people on costs and help in eradicating tsetse fly in the area.

The other aim of this company is to train the Maasai People on good and modern animal husbandry as well as Commercial livestock businesses and impart the knowledge of entrepreneurship to the locals in the area.


Dosi_Letter heading_Final

DosiThis is a holding company which manage all 5 Engitengs processing company/plants in three districts of Simanjior, Same and Loongiito. DOSI supervise, evaluate and monitor the  Engitengs companies which  deals with processing production of  dairy products ( eg. Cheese, Butter, Yorgat and Ghee). The five engitengs companies  allocated in different areas/villages of Terrat, Orkoesumet, Loongiito, Emugur Same and Naberera. These milk processing units do provide a ready and accessible  local market the Maasai women to sell their milk and has been very beneficial to local women and now their able to feeds their families and send their children to schools as well as buying them school uniforms, books and other needs. The women are able now to take care of their families health and incredibly initiate other small projects like keeping chicken, small shops, etc.

DOSI owned 30% by the Institute for Orkonerei Pastoralists Advancement, 70% owned by the private family foundation in the Netherlands (SHGW) .


milkIs a one of the engiteng company which located at Terrat village, this is a central for milk collection from the nearby community as well as  other neighborhood  villages of Oloswaki, Engonongoi and Sukuro and Oloibor-soit. This processing plant can process up to 2000 litres of milk per day to cheese, butter, yorgat and Ghee.



Engiteng Loongiito Engiteng is located in Loongiito township which district headquarters of Loongiito district in Arusha region.





Engiteng Engiteng Naberera is operating like other Engitengs companies, but is located at Naberera village in simanjiro district in Manyara region .




EngitengOrkesumet is a village which is about 70 KM from Naberera, by the means of distance Engiteng Orkesumet sound to be reasonable to exist, so to provide the same service and creates and local milk market in Orkesumet township of the District headquarters of Simanjiro in Manyara region.





EngitengThis is another Engiteng company which is located at Same district , Kilimanjaro region, as other Engitengs do, this also provide the same service and milk market opportunity  at that region.